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The Power of Irish Prayer

We grow where we are planted

We are all an accident of birth and us humans are all the evolving product of so many and complex circumstances i.e.  our ancestry, the place we live in the world, our upbringing, education, religious doctrine, family, cultural mythology and personal experience, all of which influence and shape our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us.  Ireland is a country steeped in beliefs, culture, superstition, rituals, religion, spirituality, and mythology.  We have many customs, traditions, and folklore,  we have the finest poets, writers, thespians, scholars, storytellers, inspirational people, we have the wise and we have the ‘eejits.’  Our beliefs are as broad as they are long and influenced by what and is, ‘put into us.’ 

My daddy always said; ‘If you don’t have faith, you have nothing.’ it was ingrained in my mind for the twenty-four years I spent with him. He died too young aged fifty-three.  He believed in God, a higher source of creation responsible for every living creature.  That belief was instilled in us, prayer and belief were very important growing up in Northern Ireland through the Troubles.  For my mother and grandmother who were equally as faithful, prayer was the only place to go in time of need.

When trouble comes and my heart burden be…

When trouble came and it was big, I phoned my granny, she has a direct line to God and a special relationship with Our Lady and St. Brigid. If ever a woman knew how to get a result from prayer it is my granny. She still prays for one and a half hours every day. She watches Mass twice a day and waits for the sounding of the bells at 6 pm RTE to pray the Angelus.  With Rosary beads and candles at hand, my granny was called upon to pray over many people with many problems over her ninety-six years.  She prayed according to the need e.g. St. Periguine for Cancer, St. Jude for the hopeless cases, the list is endless, a lit candle dedicated for the healing of each person.  When granny intervened, miracle’s were performed and when the phone was put down from granny, it felt like a weight had been lifted.

‘God works in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform.’

My nephew was premature and expected to die, he was anointed by the hospital Chaplin before his transfer by ambulance to another hospital under police escort.  Doctors gave him twenty-four hours to live. If he survived he would have many challenges in his life.

No matter what, always keep the faith….. was the mantra in my head. We started praying, the phone calls made all over the country asking for prayers, the calls short with one sentence, ‘pray for a one-day-old premature baby, his name Niall.’ Phones hopping, the prayer ring was activated. Candles alight in homes all over the county and beyond. I went to bed with a relief, lots of people were saying lots of prayers and I would sleep in peace. I refused to believe the doctors, they were not God and this baby would live. I one hundred percent believed we were going to get a Miracle. I was keeping the faith no matter what.

Murphy’s Law: ‘The feeling of the answered prayer if assumed and sustained must objectify the answer to your prayer. Believe it and you shall receive it.’ Dr. Joseph Murphy Your friend the subconscious mind. With the help of God, and the great doctors and nurses, that baby is now a healthy, funny, seventeen years old, six ft two and a great young man and we received our Miracle doctors left in disbelief.

MIRACLE [miruh-kuh l] defined below as;

  1. an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause.
  2. such an effect or event manifesting or considered as a work of God.
  3. a wonder; marvel.


The Power of words

As doctors differ, patients die…

An Irish man had an exploratory operation as a result of a sudden weight loss. They opened and closed him up, they found that his body was riddled with Cancer and there was nothing they could do. When the Doctor visited the man after he had regained consciousness from his operation, the man confidently asked; ‘well Doctor, did you get it all.’ The compassionate and sensible Doctor didn’t have the heart to tell the man the actual prognosis of a few months and instead told him to ‘go home, be happy and to live the rest of his life.’  That man lived  54 years past the few months prognosis, why? because he believed without question in his mind that the doctor had removed all of the Cancer and he was now free from anxiety, fret and worry and in gratitude, his body began to heal.  There are a million stories about people healing themselves. Have a listen to Joseph Murphy he explains the power of the subconscious and how our internal chatter impacts our beliefs.

Knowlege is Power and words heal

My experience and study of many teachers and therapies from all over the world to heal the mind, body, and soul have brought me to an Irish man called Dr. Joseph Murphy mentioned throughout this article. Dr. Murphy has written extensively and explains in simple terms the working of the mind and how Prayer can heal emotions. Dr. Murphy is a straight-talking, common sense,  informative, practical, wise man and there is a truth in his words that will resonate with you when you are ready to heal.

“Every thought is a cause, and every condition is an effect.” Dr. Joseph Murphy

You can, you can’t, it is possible, it’s impossible. Words are very important, they are loaded with emotion and can have an immediate impact on a person’s emotional state both positivity and negatively. The words we choose influence the beliefs we hold and have the power to soothe and to disturb the mind and our emotions.  Our emotions at this moment are the indicator of your state of mind i.e. stressed and worried, anxious, sad or relaxed and happy, motivated and peaceful.

If you believe you are right or you believe you are wrong you are right, and if you believe you can or you believe you cannot, your right again, that is our choice.  Words, when really believed, have the power to hurt or to heal, inspire or destroy but only if we believe them.

Dr. Joseph Murphy explains in detail how to heal the body with the mind, his lecture below is worth a listening to, his common sense explanation a great source of comfort, and if believed, practiced in faith will bring amazing healing to the disturbed, troubled and worried mind. You will know your prayer is working because you will feel an inner sense of peace.

How to heal the body with the mind Dr. Joseph Murphy

When trouble comes and my heart burden be…

With the many distractions and daily pressures of life, some people can feel worn out or spent, often causing much illness. 

When there is nothing you can do to help a situation Prayer is a great source of comfort to help soothe and reconnect you to that higher source within you. Whatever you call that source that created you.   

Power of Prayer

The use and benefits of Prayer as a method of emotional healing are documented going back hundreds of years and across the world. Prayer, like meditation, influences our state of mind, which, in turn, influences our “state of body”. It reduces the experience of anxiety, elevates a depressed mood, lowers blood pressure, stabilizes sleep patterns and impacts autonomic functions like digestion and breathing. Further, in influencing our state of body-mind, prayer and meditation also influence our thinking. This prompts a shift in the habits of the mind, and, subsequently, patterns of behavior. These changes, in turn, and over time, induce changes in the brain, further influencing our subjective and objective experience of the world and how we participate in it.

In this post, I have included a Prayer Prescription for illness. For those worried about a health issue or a beloved family member, Dr. Murphy provides soothing words of comfort that I hope will resonate with you at this time of need. Below his, Prayer Perscription to help you with an illness. Dr. Murphy’s prayer instructions – The Miracle’s of your mind

Dr. Murphy Prayer Instruction

If you want a healing, get silent, relax, breathe easily, immobilize your attention, think of the healing power within your subconscious mind, affirm that the organ of your body is healing now. As you do that, there must be no resentment or bitterness in your heart; you must forgive everyone. You can repeat this healing process three or four times daily. Remember that your subconscious mind made the body, and can heal it also. People are constantly affirming the healing of an organ or a part of their body; then ten or fifteen minutes afterward, they say, “Oh, I am getting worse; I’ll never be healed. I am incurable.” This mental attitude or these negative statements neutralize the previous, positive affirmation. If a surgeon operated on you, cut out your appendix, and in the next few minutes ran back and opened you up again to see how you were getting along; then a half hour later ran back and opened you up again, he would probably kill you by poisoning. You kill or prevent your healing by using negative statements.

“Know that faith is like a seed planted in the ground; it grows after its kind. Plant the idea (seed) in your mind, water and fertilize it with expectancy, and it will manifest.” Joseph Murphy 

Below two Powerful Healing Prayers by Joseph Murphy: Meditation for Applying the Healing Principle still your mind.

Murphy’s Law ‘The Law of Life is the law of belief.’

I am relaxed and in peace.

The infinite intelligence of my Mind which created me, in conjunction with the Eternal and Universal Mind, works in this moment to regenerate each and every one of my atoms, cells, tissues, nerves, organs, systems and vital processes. It regenerates me completely and restores the perfect state of health in me and around me.

All distortion patterns and thoughts are removed, dissolved and gone.

My whole body is completely restored to health and harmony.

For this I am thankful.

I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord. The God in me has limitless possibilities. I know that all things are possible with God. I believe this and accept wholeheartedly now. I know that the God power in me makes darkness light and crooked things straight. I am now lifted up in consciousness by contemplating that God indwells me. I speak the word now for the healing of mind, body, and affairs; I know that this principle within me responds to my faith and trust.

The father doeth the works. I am now in touch with life, love, truth, and beauty within me. I now align myself with the infinite principle of love and life within me. I know that harmony, health, and peace are now being expressed in my body. As I live, move and act in the assumption of my perfect health, it becomes actual. I now imagine and sealed the reality of my perfect body. I am filled with a sense of peace and well-being.

Thank you, father.

How we pray

It is the quiet mind that gets things done…Dr. Joseph Murphy

How we pray is very important. The emotional place and energy from which pray will determine the outcome of our prayer e.g. fear and worry or faith and trust.  Asking with faith and expectation will bring the request and asking with fear and worry will keep it from you. It is the thing believed in, good or bad and repeated in the mind that will come to pass. Let go and with patience and faith. Never talk about your illness. There is no battle, fight, struggle, beating or any kind of control. Prayer is a time for healing with self-love, compassion, and self-forgiveness.

Start your day with your pray before getting out of bed. If you can learn the prayer and say it when you feel fear, doubt, anxiety, and worry.  Soothe worry thoughts when a negative thought comes to mind, reverse it immediately to a positive affirmation e. ‘My mind and body are healing with the help of God.’

Keep the pattern of prayer going for a minimum of three weeks and plan fun things to do, listen to healing, uplifting music, youtube meditations, most of all, if you want to heal worry of any kind please listen to the Dr. Joseph Murphy.

If you are interested in reading The magic of faith by Joseph Murphy, please email me and I will forward it by PDF format. There are many resources available free of charge about Dr. Joseph Murphy including videos and books. If you are interested in his lectures and how Prayer healed the lives of so many people. The magic of faith Joseph Murphy

Sure if it does you no good it will do you know harm……

Thank you for reading God Bless Kate and Bono x

P.S. If you have a story about Prayer and healing I would love to hear from you.