The Irish Worrier

If you grew up in an Irish household where you were exposed to a worrier or you have a tendency to worry, then you will understand more than most how worry is impacting life experience, both emotionally and physically.

Are you a worrier?

The dictionary definition of the word; Worry – feel or cause to feel anxious or troubled about actual or potential problems. annoy or disturb. trouble, bother, cause anxiety, make;  anxious, disturb, distress, upset, concern, disquiet, discompose, fret, agitate, unsettle, perturb, frighten, alarm, scare, fluster, flurry, stress, strain, tax, harass, torment, plague, prey on one’s mind, weigh heavily on one’s mind.

Dr. Joseph Murphy has researched the origins of the word worry which translated defines Worry; to strangle to choke.  He highlights; ‘prolonged worry robs you of your vitality, enthusiasm, and energy. It leaves you a physical and mental wreck.’ His extensive research and learning from doctors, physiotherapists, scientists, guru’s and religions all over the world coupled with overwhelming supporting evidence has lead Dr. Murphy to conclude;

Chronic worry is behind emotional diseases too numerous to list. He highlights. ‘The worried mind is confused divided and thinking unnecessarily about a lot of things which are not true.’  All disease is a lack of ease, lack of pose, lack of peace. 

If you are worried about a situation or you are worried about someone in your life, I urge you to listen to Dr. Joseph Murphy and to apply prayer therapy in your life to soothe your mind and bring peace to your heart. Below is a Dr. Joseph Murphy’s prescription for worry.

Dr. Murphy’s prescription for worry

Knowing that God is All-Good and that God’s desire for me is to express and experience Good in my life, I choose now to turn away from fear, anxiety, and worry. Negative thoughts and attitudes only get in the way of my Good, and I am ready to participate in the Abundance of Life right here and right now. And so it is that I now fix my mind on what is lovely and good and admirable. I trust God with my needs with a thankful and expectant heart, knowing that somehow, in some way, for my good and the good of others, my needs will be met and my good desires will be fulfilled. 

For best results

Quieten the mind and tell your body to relax. Say the prayer every morning before getting up, and just before sleeping at night. You will know when the prayer is working both emotionally and physically by the way you feel, you will feel a sense of peace.  If you continue to feel worried, repeat the prayer until to feel the emotional change in your mind. Below is a great talk about worry from Dr. Murphy.  Enjoy!

Dr. Joseph Murphy a straight-talking Irish man who outlines his life purpose as follows:


‘I want to reach the majority, the man on the street, the woman overburdened with duty and suppression of her talents and abilities. I want to help others at every stage or level of consciousness to learn of the wonders within.’ 




Words of wisdom

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, I hope you find peace from worry and health in your life. If you have experienced a change in your life as a result of applying Dr. Murphy’s prayer prescription I would love to hear your story.

God Bless

Kate x