The Irish Cure

A Gift of healing

Growing up in Ireland if you have an ailment, illness or disease of any kind, it was and continues to be normal practice to make a phone call to find out who had the cure before going to a doctor and sure enough someone not too far away had the cure or herbal remedy. It didn’t matter what the ailment, the first port of call was finding out who had the cure and where they lived.

When I was very young my granny noticed that I had ringworm, a phone call was made and I was taken to get the cure from a local farmer.  The cure required visiting a local farmer for three consecutive days. A fire was lit and a piece of wood placed in the fire until it was red hot.  The farmer proceeded to circle me using the smoke of the piece of wood as he said a series of prayer incantations. Although you couldn’t hear the exact words used by the farmer you could see the intense concentration on his face as he quietly spoke what seemed to be a series of prayers. The process took about five minutes each visit and that was it, the ringworm was gone after the third day.  When I had scarlet fever, warts, and shingles a phone call was made and I was taken for the cure. Each cure had a different method of application depending on the ailment and person administrating it but all had a series of prayer incantations resulting in restoration of perfect health.

The A-Z of cures

If you contacted anyone with a cure in Ireland you can be sure that they will have a directory of people with cures including; scarlet fever, migraines, burns, colic, gout, dirty mouth, bleeding, piles, mouth and stomach ulcers, sprains, shingles, sore throat, eczema, warts, heart conditions, epilepsy, asthma, thrust and every other ailment imaginable including mental illness.

The Healers behind the cures

Some people call the power of cures gifts, all of them passed through the generations, healers given the gift from a variety of sources and under lots of different circumstances i.e. the seventh son of the seventh son, mother to son, father to daughter, friend to friend, a daughter of a dead father who never seen the child. There are many variations of how gifts are distributed and many stories from healers as to the source of gift. Some people can cure remotely by telephone and some with only the name of the person and ailment. Some healers can cure a variety of animal ailments, the person with the gift can be young, middle-aged or older and regardless of religious affiliation.  The common denominator with all of the cures, a series of secret prayer incantations.

If it does you no good it will do you no harm….

My mother in law now nearly 80 years old has the gift of heart fever and sprain. A Tyrone women she acquired both cures from her father gifted the cures from his mother who in turn gifted the cures from her father and so on going back hundreds of years.

The sprain cure

My mother in law has cured many footballer sprains over the years. The cure result dependant on how quickly the person received it i.e. to wait a day would result in taking one day to heal. To wait a week for the cure meant it would take a week to cure and so on, the quicker you received the cure, the quicker you were healed.  The method involved laying hands on the part of the body sprained again with a series of incantations taking roughly five minutes to administer.

Heart Fever

Seeing is believing

The heart fever cure relieves symptoms of lethargy, a shortness of breath and feeling worn out.  Her cures passed from her father dating back as far as she can remember. My mother in law talks about doctors sending patients to her father for the cure because it was so powerful in healing heart conditions.

Heart fever method

As outlined above, some healers use actual physical material items as part of the ritual. The heart fever cure uses refined oatmeal and a handkerchief.

The process involves filling a little glass with the refined oatmeal and patting it tightly to the brim of the glass as per the photo below.


A handkerchief is placed around the glass, the corners tightly secured and the flat top of the glass turned in circular motions around the heart, the lung area and side of the person. The healer praying on each area for a few minutes each time.  After the first round of the process, the healer takes the handkerchief off the glass and places the reminder of the oatmeal from the glass into three separate envelops. Below is the result of the three round process taken by me using my phone camera.

The amount of oatmeal from the glass said to be an indication of the person’s need for the cure.  Each person will have a different amount of oatmeal loss from each glass depending on how much they need the cure. There is no explanation for the indentation and loss of oatmeal from the glass, no explanation as to how the oatmeal has vanished from the glass. I have examined each glass many times looking for answers and to no avail.





The envelopes with the remainder of oatmeal from each round are given to the person and marked day 1, 2 and 3. The heart fever cure recipient told to eat each of the contents of all three envelops over three consecutive days, the recipient asked to make sure that no-one crosses their path as they eat it.  It can be eaten dry or with milk. The recipient of the cure told never to thank the healer.

No charge

If you speak to genuine healers they will tell you that they never charge or accept gift offerings for their healing. When a person accepts to administer a cure, they offer it free of charge to those in need and under no circumstances will they ever charge money for a healing. Some will accept an offering of a cake or box of biscuits but not money. Some healers will see up to ten people in a week, others limit how many people they can see as a result of work and family commitments.

A directory of cures

My mother in law like so many healers has a comprehensive list of people from her local area with a variety of cures, a list compiled over many years and stored in a phone book. I embarked down the road of putting together a directory of cure healers from around the country, ringing each one to ask them if they would be interested in having their cure and details included in the booklet. The response was very interesting, some were hesitant fearing the numbers the book would attract and time commitment involved, others were delighted to be asked highlighting that was what the gift was for to be offered to those who needed it. One of my questions when confirming people to include in the book was about money, I asked if they charged for the cure or accepted gifts by way of a thank you.  I was devastated to hear that so many accepted a donation, gift and some charge for the healing. One man told me he charged 40 euro per visit and requiring three visits for the cure to work 120 euro for a cure?  I asked what is cure was and how he had secured the cure. He told me that he used a relic given to him by an old lady neighbor and that it was very powerful. He had many anecdotal testimonials that he could cite confirming his success.  I also found that some people reported that they had multiple cures, basically whatever the ailment, they could cure it. Having sought counsel from a variety of genuine healers including my mother in law, and with my findings, I decided not to proceed with the book. Genuine healers with genuine gifts DO NOT charge for their healings and I wasn’t going to be able to decipher the genuine from the fake.

The power of Belief

Some healers will ask if you believe in the power of cures if they believe that the ailment can be cured. Some healers will turn you away if you are a non-believer, explaining that there is no point in wasting time and referring them to a doctor explaining that the cure outcome is reliant on the person’s openness and belief that they can be cured.

There are no incurable diseases, only incurable people. Dr. Joseph Murphy.

My conclusions

Having personally experienced many healings myself, within my family and community, I have come to learn that yes, there are genuine cures from genuine healers irrespective of the method and objects used as part of the cure. I have also concluded that intention from the healer and prayer process associated with the healing has more power than any of the appliances used as part of the process. I will write further article’s demonstrating why I believe that intention and prayer are the secret ingredients of healings and cures. For now, I leave you with the question, how did the oatmeal disappear from the glass?

If you have any stories of faith healing I would love to hear from you.

Good health to you and yours and we’ll make our own luck…

God Bless Kate