Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law  A rule that states, “If something can go wrong, it will.” An addition to this law reads, “and usually at the worst time.” The identity of “Murphy” is unknown.

When you grow up in Ireland you will have heard many a line about the verities of life both positive and negative.

I heard the above Murphy’s law statements many times over the years and I have many personal examples of the law in action in my own life. As I am sure you have.  I also heard many self-fulfilling prophecy statements including;

If it weren’t for bad luck, I would have no luck. If I bought a duck it wouldn’t be able to swim.

The ball is over the wall. If I backed a horse it would probably fall at the first hurdle.

If you never trust anyone you will never get a slap in the teeth but you might get a nice surprise.

As far as I can see we were put on this earth to suffer. You never know the day or the hour.

There are hundreds of negative Murphy law sayings like those and I am sure you could add to them. All of them from people who through their life experience are justified in their perceived wisdom.

“There is no point in getting oul unless you get oul fashioned.”

My daddy used to say that, oul meaning old, ‘oul fashioned ‘ meaning smart, wise, he also told us no matter what happens, keep the faith. In a world full of pain, anger, illness, and struggle, how can you keep the faith when so many people are suffering?

When the student is ready the teacher appears

I wish someone had introduced Dr. Josephy Murphy’s teachings to me growing up, but better late than never. Have a re-read of the law again before continuing reading and feel the difference emotionally in the following Murphy’s law.

Murphy’s Law  A rule that states,  “MAN IS BELIEF EXPRESSED.” 

Disciplined imagination plus expectant faith – enabling you to realize your fondest dreams. 

The identity of ‘Murphy’ in the above statement is that of the Irish born Dr. Joseph Murphy. I will dedicate a full page to Dr. Murphy outlining his credentials in a separate article and link to his youtube lectures appropriately.

Dr. Murphy is a straight-talking, common sense Irish man and you will hear the truth in his words and prayers.  I have studied his works extensively and  they are now my ‘Murphy’s Laws’ to be shared with everyone who at this time is; worried, sick, insecure, lonely, frightened, depressed, resentful, jealous, angry, anxious, misunderstood, bereaved, suicidal, disconnected and suffering any distressing situation in their mind or body at this time.

If you don’t have faith you have nothing,  you cannot live in faith and fear at the same time.

Dr. Murphy’s Law

The law of life is the law of belief.

Dr. Murphy outlines ‘the great lie.’ The average man is constantly blaming causation outside himself.  He blames conditions, environment and circumstances, sometimes he blames God, but all his difficulties are caused by mental patterns of beliefs lodged deeply in the subconscious mind.

Self-condemnation is the curse of all curses Dr. Joseph Murphy

Dr. Murphy outlines that no-one knowingly brings on an illness. He also highlights that there is no physical or emotional sickness independent of the mind and there is no such thing as an incurable disease, only incurable people who believe they can’t be healed.

Cause and effect

You cannot be free of any illness and cling to ill-will, anger, grudges, bitterness, self-condemnation, pride, hate, guilt, shame, self-loathing, grief, hurt, resentment and be well.

As long as you are condemning yourself or others, not forgiving yourself or others who have wronged you in life, you cannot be healed. His conclusions based on years of research, witness and supporting research evidence from some of the most learned Doctors, physiatrists and psychologists.

As a person thinks, feels and believes so is the condition of his/her mind, body and circumstances.

A belief is a thought we think over and over….Esther Hicks
If you believe you can or you believe you cannot your right…. Henry Ford

Our beliefs about ourselves, others, everything we have been taught and believe to be true in life is influenced by many people from many sources; the environment we grew up in, the Church we attend, our education system, our life experience and what we ourselves have witnessed in life. They become our beliefs and values and shape our thought patterns.

The unlucky people in life believe they are unlucky and ‘if it weren’t for bad luck I would have no luck at all’  The lucky people in life believe they are lucky and so it is. As with Murphy’s Law about bad luck, we also have sayings in Ireland about good luck; ‘they are as lucky as a black cat,’ ‘money goes to money,’ ‘they have the Midas touch,’ you might hear someone say; ‘if that fella fell into a slurry pit, he would come out smelling of roses.’

Some people also believe that people are ‘unfortunate,’ ‘cursed,’ being punished,  they say; ‘it’s just one thing after another.’ They believe their misfortune attributed to a force outside themselves or believe their illness is punishment. Little do they know that it is their self-condemnation, feeling of unworthiness, guilt, shame, hurt, pain and wrong thinking or in the words of Dr. Murphy plain ‘sloppy thinking.’

Both the unlucky and lucky, healthy and unhealthy have evidence to support their claims, a direct result of belief patterns embedded in the subconscious, they have no idea that they are doing it to themselves and that all negative thinking is made manifest in the mind and body as a result.

Irish beliefs

Good Health and we’ll make our own luck…

We Irish exhibit many different beliefs depending on who you talk too. We are renowned all over the world as being generally lucky. We have many examples where shrines, relics, stones and a host of potions and cures have healed the sick and helped to win money. We have lots of customs, superstitions, and folklore explaining the unexplainable.

Irish Cures

I was brought up in a community that believes in the power of cures. In Ireland, there are many people who have ‘gifts’ they are ailment cures e.g. Heart Fever, Ringworm, Bleeding, Burns, Colic, Migraines, Sprain, high blood pressure, gout and many more physical ailments too numerous to mention. I myself have been healed of ringworm, scarlet fever, and warts as a child. I have witnessed many others being healed through cures all passed down through the generations. The person with the cure gift will tell you that in order for the cure to work you must believe that it will work. If you believe there is no cure you will not receive a healing, your belief and faith is the cure manifest. The healer will tell you that it is you and your faith in God, a higher source within you that is the source of healing. There are great healers all over the world and there are hundreds of stories about miraculous healings.

If it does you no good, it will do you no harm…

I will post an article about Irish Cures over the next few weeks.

We are born to suffer

If you believe you were put on this earth to suffer by way of atonement for sins of our forefathers, for past mistakes as so many of the older Irish people believe, you will suffer and you will have proof. If you are inwardly condemning yourself, not forgiving yourself for wrongs done to you or wrongs done by you, you are condemning and you are emotionally hurting yourself.

Words can hurt and words can heal.

You may have heard people say, ‘if ever a man/women suffered.’ You might know people like that, the naysayers, the negative people who believe that life is supposed to be hard.

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Louise Hay

Too simple to comprehend and too good to be true…

Dr Murphy outlines that the Will of God (Source, infinite intelligence whatever name to assign to that which created every living organism) is the life force, love, and restoration and that according to your thought is it done unto you.

You cannot have a healthy mind and live in a sick body

Dr Murphy simplifies the solution to all our ailments emotional and physical as follows:

Think good, and good follows. Think bad, and bad follows. You are what you think all day long. Dr. Murphy highlights that when you change your thoughts to peace, harmony, joy, and serenity your life will change.

When you forgive yourself and others you will have peace. It is normal to be healthy happy, joyous and free.

All disease physical or emotional is a lack of ease, poise, and peace. All dis-ease takes place in the mind.  Lack of peace is a mind in turmoil and emotionally disturbed.

Could it be that simple? Could prayer therapy really change your life? The answer is simple, yes it can but only for those who believe, have faith and commit to learning about the subconscious and how to pray properly.

Is your mind in turmoil? Do you hold thoughts of fear, worry, resentment, jealousy, self-condemnation, grudges, self-pity lack and dis-ease either physically or emotionally?

If any of the above resonates with you that means you are on the right track in changing your life.

If you are interested in finding out more, please follow the link below.

Change your thoughts, change your life Dr. Joseph Murphy lecture link Change your thoughts

Have a listen, I would love to hear what you think. In the meantime, I wish you peace in your mind and peace in your heart.

Light and Love Kate x