“I believe the first test of truly great man is in his humility.”  John Ruskin 

Ireland’s own magazine is featured in Irish words of wisdom gift book because of Sean Nolan. Sean is the Editor of the amazing Ireland’s Own magazine based in Wexford town. A very modest and encouraging person, Sean with his team of devoted and committed people have been responsible for entertaining and shining a light on the best of Ireland since 1902.  Sean through the magazine has helped many people and businesses across Ireland, (including mine) connect with the Irish across the world. Sean is without a doubt one of the nicest gentleman I have ever had the pleasure to speak with. I have teamed Ireland’s Own with Patrick Kavanagh in the book, a fitting combinati


Sean Nolan Editor

First memories of Ireland’s Own

The strap line for Ireland’s Own is The week wouldn’t be the same without it! That is certainly true for the thousands of people across the world that take time and make time to read the magazine from cover to cover every week.

Ireland’s Own has been a stable in my granny’s for as far back as I can remember.  As a child I loved it, it was easy to read and it was very interesting. We spent hours going through it, colouring, reading the stories and learning. We as children read the funnies aloud and the adults chatted about interesting articles.  I remember vividly the bumper Christmas edition, the cover full of sparkle and colour enhancing the excitement of Christmas.  Everyone in my granny’s house (7/8) per day, and those who visited, always picked it up for a flick through. To this day my granny has it set aside for collection every week without fail.   Ireland’s Own holds a very special place many hearts and none more than my granny’s and mine.

About Ireland’s Own since 1902.

Ireland’s Own magazine is the longest running Irish family magazine. A special and unique, cross generational and what is aptly described as; a phenomenon established in 1902.  The original aim 116 years old was to entertain, educate and inform the people in Ireland. With something for everyone, the fun filled magazine continues to feature fascinating, educational articles, exciting fiction, puzzles for the children as well as in-depth stories on a variety of aspects of Irish Life, History,  Literature, Science, Sport and Entertainment;   Ireland’s  older community are also featured in a Memories Section recalling their young days and people who made a lasting impression growing up. And not forgetting the section devoted to words of wisdom.

Best Selling Ireland’s Own

It is no wonder that Ireland’s Own is now a best-selling magazine.  In a world of fake news,  gloss and aggressive advertising.   Ireland’s Own has remained true and committed to the original values going back 116 years ago.  The magazine continues to give the people of Ireland a uniquely genuine and hugely entertaining weekly magazine.

Ireland’s Own connecting families across the world.

I am very grateful to Ireland’s Own who afforded me the opportunity to connect through the magazine with Don McMillan (RIP), an American/Irish wise gentleman living in California. His mantra during his life, “If God is for you, who can be against you”.

Ireland’s Own is on all of the social media platforms, for website please visit: Ireland’s treasure magazine

Don’t forget if you have a witty Irish saying you heard, I would love to hear from you.