Dr. Joseph Murphy prescription prayer for another

It seems that everyone you speak to these days has a story of illness, death, hurt and pain in their heart and home.  Disease and illness are at epidemic levels with new conditions emerging all the time.  Pharmacies have sprouted up in every village of every town in Ireland, hospitals again at breaking point, alcohol and rehab centers full to capacity, emotional suffering rampant.  The number of people killing themselves through suicide, alcoholism, drugs, starvation, medication, and worry is the testament to the level of pain, hurt, hopelessness, fear, worry, and stress people are experiencing in life.  The level of suffering for people and families living with illness, loss and emotional turmoil is immense.  Where are you on the emotional scale? The above scale highlights the emotions we feel at any moment in time, those emotions based on what is happening in our lives and the thoughts we think about the situation.  When we are exposed to the emotions to the left of the chart, eventually our body and mind are impacted, the more emotional dis-ease we feel in the mind the more disease we will feel and experience in our body. Stress in the mind produces stress which is expressed the body.

Therapy and healing

People try everything and anything to cure diseases, there are literally hundred’s of therapies available for the thousand’s of diseases we battle, fight, and wage war on every day.

How can you battle and heal yourself at the same time?

Knowledge is power

Know that every disease has a cause which starts in the mind and an effect which manifests in the body.

You can’t, the same way you cannot get sick enough to help someone who is sick.

What can you do when there is nothing you can do?

The only thing you can do for your loved one who is suffering and to ease the suffering you are experiencing in the midst of their suffering is to pray. Prayer is a scientific therapy and is used all of the world going back hundreds of years,  research it for yourself.  I believe Dr. Joseph Murphy explains the connection between mind and body very simply.  Dr. Murphy offers examples of emotional healing and in his wonderful Irish lilt, will convince any earnest listener of the truth and wisdom in his words.


If you are worried about anyone or any situation, say the above prayer and listen to Dr. Murphy on youtube.  He has gifted us with his wisdom to help us find peace, pose, and harmony. if applied earnestly, you will feel yourself healing, emotionally and physically. Earnest repetition in trust and faith will achieve Miracles. You only need to try and apply and I really hope you do for your own good.

The secret of life… Joy, peace, and laughter



If you have a story of healing I would love to hear from you.

God Bless you whatever trouble you are dealing with at the minute.

Kate x