Brendan Grace

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.” An Irish Proverb

The importance of Laughter

Laughter truly is the best medicine when it comes to keeping us feeling physically, mentally and emotionally young as we age. Humor is the most effective and important ingredient, to spice up the dish of life. We Irish have a great sense of humor constantly looking for the opportunity for a laugh at every situation good and bad. That is certainly true of Brendan Grace.

Irish Comedians

We have many brilliant comedians in Ireland and Brendan Grace is the certainly at the fore when it comes to entertaining Ireland over the decades . Through the ups and downs of life Brendan Grace has kept us entertained and laughing through many rough times over the last 40 years.

About Brendan Grace

Brendan Grace born in Dublin started his career singing with the Gingermen folk group.

Below a link to one of the bands songs Magherafelt Mayfair recorded in 1971.

It was at one of his gigs that he discovered his talent as a stand up, entertaining the audience when band members hadn’t turned up for a gig. That was the beginning of his comic career.

Brendan is renowned for his sharp wit and ability to read and respond to an audience with a razor sharp and witty retort. Brendan boasts many achievements over his career and has appeared with Frank Sinatra. He is well known for his comedy schoolboy character “Bottler”, the role of Murphy in the 1995 movie Moondance, and his 1996 appearance in the Irish TV sitcom Father Ted as Father Fintan Stack. He also a had a hit song in 1975 “Combine Harvester”, that went to number 1.

I am very grateful to Brendan who features in Irish words of wisdom, he is a true legendary comic and entertainer.

Brendan Grace Tours

Brendan continues to entertain the thousands of fans throughout Ireland and beyond and tours the country each year. Check out his tour dates for 2018, I guarantee you’ll have a great night with lots of laughs.