“I’m not big reader. I think the last book I read cover to cover was 12 years ago. (Just pre my sons birth) Don’t get me wrong – I read daily to educate myself. (But not for leisure)

I happened across Irish words of wisdom. “Enchanted” is the only accurate word I can express. From the moment you take it out – you are some how greeted with a visual elegance.  An elegance you want to know more and something of. Given its presentation you can fly through it in a moment and chuckle and smile – yet that’s not where it’s Beauty really is. Having flown through it page to page eating the words and enjoying the visuals .. it drew me back again – a second, third and even fourth time. (No book has ever done that to me) I found myself on occasion, upon the second, third and forth reading – somewhat reflective of my own life. Perhaps one passage and page – I actually had to close the book to think of its words and what that meant to me as a 47 year old single father in my life. It challenges your own thoughts if read more than once having followed what is clearly a story.

A beautiful piece of work and I’ll be most happy for more.

David McKeown (Just a person finding his own place in the world)