“A fascinating travel companion replete with wise sayings culled from locals and some celebrities and set against an album classy, evocative high-res photos.  Kate’s book, entitled ‘Irish Words of Wisdom Our Elders used to say and other Treasures found along the way’ is a bit of a mouthful of a rhyming couplet yet the adages quoted, with an aim ‘to lift your spirits’, are pithy and memorable.  Our spirits are indeed lifted by this thought-provoking compendium of locally and not-so-locally derived quotations, types of bite-sized homely but profound reminders about life and how it could be lived.  The mixture indeed of South Armagh sourced maxims with lines from Kavanagh or Maureen O’Hara give the book an unpredictability that makes it ideal as a dip-into travel companion.  The words encourage short meditation while the striking accompanying photography (mainly by Gary Mc Parland), including many recognizable scenes from this district, provoke further thoughtful reactions. The finish and durable design of the book itself (hard-backed, gilt cover lettering, full colour, with Irish language bookends) are to be commended.  For this reviewer the best ‘words of wisdom’ are those which echo words he has heard himself, like Jim Mc Evoy’s ‘In a hundred years from now there won’t be a word about any of us; sure we’re only passing through’.  We will indeed be forgotten but our words will survive us on others’ tongues and indeed on the pages of Kate’s book.  Kate’s ‘Slán go fóill/Goodbye for now’ end page suggests a follow-up.  The book has already sold well and there is clearly a demand for ‘More Irish Words of Wisdom’.
~Séamus Mac Dhaibhéid